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We are a company dedicated to cleaning houses in the fairfield county area, with many years of experience, we provide a quality service, meeting the expectations of the client. We also have a variety of services, including the cleaning of folders in the different areas of the house. For a better understanding of our company, feel comfortable to continue browsing our website.

Regular Cleaning

At your convenience we do Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly claening.

Spring Cleaning

may include moving furniture, washing woodwork, cleaning light fixtures, etc.

Windows Washing

Interior and Exterior cleaning, including storms, screens and windowsills.

Floor Care

Buffing and/or waxing wood floors. Stripping and/or waxing of tile and vinyl floors.

Carpet Shampooing

Pre-vacuum and post combing of floors using commercial rotary machine. This can also be done to high traffic areas only.

Move In/Move Out

Performed when the house is empty of furniture and typically includes interior and exterior surfaces.

Power washing

Performed to decks, patios and houses.


Removal of leaves debris

General & Post Construction Cleaning

Typically done before of after events, such a parties, construction projects, remodeling, preo or post listing your home on the real estate market.

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JP Cleaning Services

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